CDC guidance for healthcare workers explicitly states vaccination status makes no difference with regard to masking. This implicit admission that the shots don’t stop the spread should be the death kn
Denmark just halted Covid shots for those under 50 who aren't at "increased risk."
My two-year foray into Covid skepticism has taught me something valuable
Coercive EntitlementsA useful way to refer to “woke rights” and a sniff test for how to spot a right that isn’t really a right, but rather an entitlement that depend…
Karens really believe they're not the Karens [or insert negative label here]. Don't believe me? Attend an HOA meeting.
[blog blog blog blog long-winded backstory blog blog tangent, blog......recipe. Just kidding; I wouldn't do that to you.]
There is no reason for the FDA to grant an EUA and every reason not to.
The FDA is set to break its promise to only approve Covid shots with at least 50% efficacy--for the group that is least at risk from Covid. Just one…
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